My transition from cluttered to simple living.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wants and Musts

I usually only post every few days but I have been bothered of late by all that I know needs to be done, and what I want to do in the coming months. Perhaps the advent of the New year has got me to thinking about the coming months and all that is on my plate.

I have to study to write an exam in April. This is a MUST. I WANT to paint more. I WANT to make quilt for my granddaughter, and I WANT to visit my family more often. I MUST take the time to walk more. I WANT to have more time to read. I am still working so my leisure time is limited. How does one balance wants and musts?

The list goes on. I once heard it said that a good exercise to improve the quality of one's life, is to draw a circle on a piece of paper and then divide the circle into 8 pieces. In those pieces write down the things in our life that are most important..(Ie career, family, art, spirituality etc) and then meditate on what small thing that you can do to improve that item. All of this..the steps taken to improve these things... takes time and commitment.

I am convinced that I must waste a lot of time, because there are so many unfinished tasks at the end of the day. Perhaps blogging and surfing the net has robbed me of a lot of precious time but I do enjoy my time visiting my blogging friends and family.

I think the key is moderation... "Moderation in all things." My dad hammered that into my head from an early age. You think I would have learned.

So... I am going to resolve to spend less time on the computer. I will continue my blog and reading but restrict the time to an hour a day. This means that I may not respond right away to posts, but please remember that I am still here and that I LOVE your company!

Besides resolving to spend less time here, I am entering the second have of my goal when I started to blog, which was to shape up and restructure my life... to de-clutter. I want to intensify my actions in this regard so time management will be helpful.

I guess my most important resolve is to try to stay happy. Now THAT will be a biggy!

What is YOUR resolve!


  1. If I had as full a plate as you do, I wouldn't be spending so much time on the internet. It is a time sink, no doubt. I won't mind if you come by now and then, and I'll look forward to any posts you make, but I will also be cheering you on in your journey to de-clutter your life. Yayy! Onward!

  2. Blogging does take up a lot of time, I love it and it hasn't interfered with my life, de-cluttering may be even harder than staying away from the computer....took me all last year and it was in December I finished my last room only to realize that I replace old clutter with new clutter....will try again this year.
    Will enjoy hearing from you whenever it is convenient for you...Good Luck........:-) Hugs