My transition from cluttered to simple living.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Today was the only full day I have had off in the past week. Between working shifts and covering vacancies caused by illness, there has been little time for R and R. Christmas was a blur as we prepared for a wedding the following day. All in all, this gal is truly feeling her age.

So how was my day spent, you ask? Certainly NOT in the pursuit of all those leisure activities I had planned yesterday, but rather, I spent half my morning dealing with company service reps, voicing my concerns over poor customer service. I spent the rest of my day in an ugly mood.

I had ordered a pair of shoes in October from the States. I spoke to three lovely girls over the course of the past two months, as my shoes never did arrive, and each had promised me action. In spite of their assurances, my my credit card was charged for something that never did materialize. Today, one bright lady told me that she does not understand why my order was ever filled to start with, and why the shoes were never shipped. This company does NOT ship to Canada. If there is any satisfaction to be realized, it is that I got my money back. Lesson learned I guess. Stupidity is not painful, and if it were, the process would have been halted back in October.

On a more positive note, I got out for a walk 5th this week! Walking does help to calm me when all other efforts fail. Anger IS painful...and sometimes all-consuming.

I am off to salvage what there is left of the day. Knitting...reading...perusing the various art sites. This is how I should have spent my ONLY day off this week, but all is not lost. Bedtime is still several hours off.

And how did YOU spend YOUR day?


  1. oh Wendy it sounds as though you have had a rough day for sure....I hope you managed some "me" time before you go to bed and I hope your day tomorrow is full of joy.....:-) Hugs

  2. Well (feeling a little guilty because I have every day off here in retirement), I woke feeling sad for some reason but went off into the mountains with my hiking buddies and came home, wrote a quick post, and went to bed feeling very tired and happy. I am going to start a sweater now and am looking for the right pattern and yarn, so I'll be joining you there. Here's a big hug from Down Below the Border.

  3. Thanks Bernie and DJan. It is a new day and I am in better spirits now. Makes me wonder what is going on when I allow my day to ruined over something so trivial...