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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Where I journey to...

When I am troubled, and my mind is not still, or at peace, I journey in thought to the very best experience that I have ever had. Paddle to a Cure was an expedition that raised money for Breast Cancer. I was one of the lucky ones that participated.

Great gratitude is forever extended to the leaders who donated their time and effort over five summers to guide and teach us the skills of kayaking.

Seriously... who needs southern beaches?

My next painting...


When I miss my friend... I am here...

I am here at every bump in my road of life. When my heart is heavy... I am here...

...and here.

Is there one memory that brings you a feeling of comfort... a place where you can retreat when times are tough? This is mine.

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  1. I often use a memory of nature when I need to escape in my mind too.....always, always somewhere in nature and around water...

  2. When I need a mental vacation I think of all the time I have spent outside in the sunshine. Since I was a child there has been Something about the sun that just completely fills me with energy and renews my spirit.

  3. I am so thankful to have been able to do one of the Paddle to a Cure trips with you Mom, that was the most amazing experience!! So beautiful!