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Saturday, January 2, 2010


I was lucky enough to glance out the window in time to see this visitor to the bird feeder that I received as a gift at Christmas.  This (the feeder) was the only thing on my wish list....and I was lucky to receive TWO!  The picture below is cloudy.  Now you know, that I do not wash my windows as often as I should.  (Blush!!!)

This picture is not as clear, as it was taken at a distance.  I hope that I can get closer to this pair of Robins that lost their way south.  I worry about them as this is the first time I have ever seen Robins wintering in Ontario.  They are feeding off Rosehips which I leave on my bushes every winter to feed the Jays.


Chickadees, Nuthatch, Morning Doves, Purple Finch, Cardinals, Jays, Goldfinch, Downy and Pileated Woodpeckers...and now Robins...dine at my feeders.  How lucky am I?

What birds come to your feeders?

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  1. Yayy!!! Another birder in my blogosphere! The only one I don't have in your mix there are morning doves and cardinals. I also have bushtits, song sparrows, house sparrows (too many), and northern flickers. I also have a Cooper's Hawk who sees my birds as his special snack. :-(

  2. Oh yes, I forgot the juncos!

  3. Oh I wish I knew the names of all the birds you do, but I am sure it was a sparrow at my feeder this morning....well maybe not too sure........:-) Hugs

  4. lovely! i love those birds that come near my place too.

  5. Hi Djan! Wenn! Bernie! I really love these little creatures and they give me such pleasure and remind me that it is the little things in life that count.

  6. Wow..a pileated !! I LOVEEEEEE those birds..they are majestic...just awesome!
    You are very lucky!
    We are getting downy woodpeckers, juncos, grosbeaks, European Starlings, tons of bluejays, chickadees, a few sparrows, and ONE male cardinal who is very elusive!