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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our Winter Robin

Hubby was able to get this picture  of one of the Robins that I spotted near our feeder.  I understand that this is not such an unusual sight...that these birds are referred to as "Winter Robins.  I hope that they are feasting on the rose hips, as I understand that they do not eat seeds.  I just can't help but feel sorry for them...  This one looks chilled.  I am sure he must be regretting his decision to stay in these parts!



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  1. Great shot, Wendy. I also meant to say yesterday that the window you took the picture through is not cloudy but the reflection from inside clouds it. I've run into this before. Your little robin does look cold, doesn't he?

  2. He does look cold. I put out apples, grapes and oranges this morning,,,all I had. I will go shopping tomorrow for cranberries.

    Hi Wenn!

  3. I grew up two hours north of where we live now and seeing a robin was the first sign of spring. I was confused when we moved here and I was seeing robins in February. Some one explained that they were winter robins.

    Great Picture!

  4. They say that robins stay here in the winter,too...but we have not spotted any.
    We also saw ONE red-winged blackbird at our feeder today, which we usually don't see here in the winter, either.

  5. A Red-Winged blackbird! Not sure I would want to see that as much as I love those birds. To me it seems just one more example of how things are messing up. It does not seem in the natural course of things to see these migrators stay in the cold north. It was -27 last night!