My transition from cluttered to simple living.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Houston... We are ready for take-off!

Two butterflies had emerged from their cocoon overnight.  From sherbert-green to transparent shell...a journey unwitnessed in part...until this morning.  These fellows will rest and dry their wings for two hours, and then they will be free to do what they dreamed of while they were sleeping...but...before they start their long trip to Mexico, they will stop and "smell the roses."

It will take one generation to reach their destination but several to return to Canada next year.

Bob Voyage and good luck in your travels!

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Friday, August 27, 2010

The spider's touch, how exquisitely fine!
Feels at each thread, and lives along the line.
~Alexander Pope

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The saga continues...

All six of our Monarch caterpillars have now spun their cocoons.  I could not get a good photo through the plastic container that is housing them right now, so have laid them flat to shoot this pic.

I wish you could see, close up, the beautiful girdle of gold on each of these cocoons.  HOW do they do that????

It is amazing.....  For the past two weeks I have been seeing through the eyes of my grandchildren.  Why have I waited so long to view the world in this manner?



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Friday, August 20, 2010

We are now going to interrupt this series for a 30 second news break....

I was awoken last night by an odour most foul. cannot imagine in your wildest dreams, an odour such as this.

At first I thought it was the egg salad sandwich that I had given Hubby that evening....but when I could not waken him, well...I thought the worst.  A sharp blow to the ribs did it.  He woke and I was relieved that the odour was not coming from any thing in our room.

We met our dog in the hallway,  She gave us a look as if to say, "Not me!  I had nothing to do with this one!"

Hubby bravely went outside to check out the septic tank...and could find nothing we both covered our heads and slept fitfully until morning when we could check things out in the daylight..

The smell had disappeared.  The area above the weeping tiles appears lush and green indicating that all is working well.  WHAT could have caused this???

Well...  I know that some of you folks have septic tanks.  We are green country dwellers.  (After last night, we are greener.) Any ideas about what might have happened, are greatly appreciated.

The nearest thing that I can come up with is that Hubby forgot to put the "Septic Tank Saviour " in the toilet for the past two months and as the vent is relatively close to our bedroom window, the system hiccuped....or belched...having the effect it did.

Please feel free to give us your suggestions. ...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

How Many Men Does it Take to Raise a Monarch?

In this home it takes two!  They manage well, in nature...unassisted....but here, Papa and I do their grocery shopping for them.

Last night we had once less crawly to contend with, as the largest caterpillar had made its cocoon.  The next largest was undergoing changes this morning.

It is difficult to show the brilliance of their mastery in this light. Their cocoon is a "sherbert green" colour and there is a gold band that encircles the top of the cocoon.


And while they are sleeping, their brothers and sisters and doing what they do best...eating and pooping.

We will attempt a better picture later, but this is the best we could do under the present circumstance. We have to handle them with great care until they are all cocooned and we can move them  to more appropriate living quarters.

Both Papa and I have enjoyed taking part in this adventure but we will also be happy to return them to their home.  Butterflies do not belong in jars, and I know that over the next few weeks...while they are sleeping...that they will dream of their freedom and the long journey to Mexico

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Without Change There Would be No Butterflies"

This weekend, my niece visited our new home.  She loved it!  It is right up her alley as Meredith is a special girl.  She has, since she was very little, had a curiosity about all crawling things, and now at 16 years of age, has decided that she will study Entomology.  

There are lots of crawly things in our front yard!  We went on a walk and she helped me gather Monarch butterfly caterpillars so that Dustin and Alexia would be able to follow their change, and as they live at a distance, I have been elected to be the keeper of the caterpillars, and will photograph their metamorphosis.

Below is a picture of their poop which is almost as big as they are....  You have to clean their home every day. 

There are five caterpillars that we have collected.  Four of them are quite large and may make their cocoon this week!

They have a voracious appetite!  Papa and I have taken turns searching for milkweed leaves for them.  (The things we do for our grandchildren!)

I am still not keen on handling them... so I don't.

The fellow below seems sleepy.  Perhaps he is thinking about making a change....however, I have found that Monarch Caterpillars are sleepy and slow in the morning, but once they feel the warmth of the sun, they become more active(much like the rest of the world!)

This fellow is the biggest.  He has been known to bully a smaller caterpillar that shares his abode. 

These guys will be traveling with me to Bracebridge today so that I can ensure that they are well fed and cared for. 

So...Alexia and Dustin... this is what Nana does when you are not here.  You see, we think about you all of the time!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Preserve Homemade Salsa.

This was my first attempt at making salsa.  It was a fairly easy recipe, but I missed my canning tools which have not made it to the new house yet.

Many hours of work were involved but I am sure the end result will be appreciated this winter.

Note to the wise... ALWAYS wear gloves when handling Jalapeno peppers.  The burning sensation from the peppers can last for many hours on unprotected hands!


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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Can't Keep This Girl Dry!

 Mocha loves her new home.  She hasn't stopped smiling since she arrived here.  Neither have I.... 


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An Update

We have had a busy few weeks!  We managed to unload 3/4 of our larger home.  It hasn't been difficult parting with things, but it has been difficult finding time to sort and purge and clear.  

In the middle of our move, we welcomed a new addition to our family.  Being part of Owen's birth reminded me of one of the many reasons why we are making this move.  We needed a place where we could gather and enjoy each other's company.

I have missed my blogging friends...but there is still a lot to do to prepare to list...  Hopefully the sign will go up this weekend.

I do look forward to the end...which is in sight...and I count on you folks to remind me, should I ever decide to do another move... that I shouldn't...that I need not.   After all, what more could one want?



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