My transition from cluttered to simple living.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yet another post...

I am entering a period of night shifts and am not sure when I will get on to blog again, and I wanted to write about my month of "buy nothing new." How did I do? HORRIBLY! What did I learn? MUCH!

I discovered that I have a conscience that really can nag at me when I am breaking my own set of rules. I discovered that it is hard to provide for those who don't think like I do.

The first crack in my resolve occurred when hubby approached me and announced that we needed a new lawnmower. Ours had been out of commission for two summers and we had borrowed from neighbours and family. I told him that I did not want to talk about it. (He reads my blog!) So off he went and came home with a beauty. He rationalized its purchase by saying..."Look, honey.... it does not run on gas and is rechargeable." (He knows how to get to me.) I am pleased with it. It is quiet and has cut the lawn twice on one charge.

The second purchase was a stroller for baby #2 for son #1. His MIL asked me to split the cost and I did. Hopefully someone else will benefit from this purchase down the road.

My third and last purchase was for a new outfit for my niece's wedding. This is the one purchase I regret the most, however... I will wear it again to my step-daughter's wedding. Why do I regret it? Had I more time I could have spent less money at Value Village. I have learned that to make this work I need to plan better.

I have also learned that I want to try this again. I am not sure that I will announce my intentions to blog world....then again...maybe I will. It annoys me that I can not get it all right at the same time. Since starting this blog I have made so many changes in our home. It seems as if personal changes are the hardest to make. (Amber... I admire year without buying....)

So ends this confession. (Perhaps I should call this a "flogging" rather than blogging.) Till next time...


  1. It sounds to me like you did very well for your first try at a no spending month. You did only buy a few things, it's not like you totally blew it. I say give yourself kudos for a step in the right direction.

  2. Acknowledgment is the first step. You did pretty good, I think!

  3. Wendy you did a great job!

    During my year I bought two new things for myself and my partner bought me a couple of new gifts when we first started dating. (My sun oven!) I felt bad about some of these purchases too. They just felt so extravagant after so much time of getting by without. Even now when I buy something new, I am painfully aware of it, but...

    ...the electric lawnmower sounds like a good, sound purchase and I'm sure the baby stroller will be very appreciated. Sometimes you can find a great thrift store treasure for a fancy occasion but not always. Enjoy your new dress. As you said, you will be wearing it again!

    There's not much point in beating ourselves up for not being perfect. Rather, let's celebrate the small and big steps we take on this journey. It feels better that way and helps create the motivation to keep going!

  4. Wow! I feel like I just had an "Amber hug"... Thanks, Amber!