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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trying out a New System of Posting....

Hubby has discovered, what he thinks is an easier way to post pics and narrative.  So.. what follows is an experiment.  

On Saturday, hubby, Alexia and I visited the local Alpaca farm.  Have you ever seen Alpaca?  They have the most beautiful faces attached to very long necks.  They also have the softest fur known to man.  Their coats come in several different shades....tan, brown, black and grey.  Their fur is used in the same way as other wools.  It is cleaned, carded and spun into a luxurious fiber.  Alexia was very interested in these strange-looking creatures, which are becoming more common on Canadian farms.  

These Alpaca appear to have been sheared recently.

 Notice the different colours?  This fellow is wearing my next pair of socks!

 You don't need an awful lot of land to have a herd.  These animals are well cared for and have lots of room to roam.

 You may occasionally see Llama in with an Alpaca herd.  They act as sentry protecting the herd.

If you are a knitter, try using this fiber.  It is soooo soft to work with!

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  1. Awww they are just too cute. I bet that was a fun day for all of you.

  2. It was! Somehow having a kid around brings out the kid in you!

  3. I have an alpaca wool sweater. It is the softest, warmest sweater I have ever worn!
    They are gentle, beautiful animals.