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Thursday, August 6, 2009

News From the Garden...

I have been checking my garden several times daily and neglecting to post about its progress. It is amazing to see what a few days of sunlight can accomplish! I have tomatoes ripening as well as yellow and green beans, peppers, peas and onions. The squash is not doing as well... all blooms and no bud... so I tried a new tact this morning and used a Q Tip to fertilize several of the blooms.

None of the root vegetables I planted did well. Perhaps they did not like the soil in their new beds! Both the turnips and carrots are long, thin and spindly.

My garden is small and we will, undoubtedly enjoy a few meals from it this year. Next year, knowing what has done well, I will plant a crop a bed. Of course, you know what that means... I have to talk hubby into making a few more.

My garden beds were a birthday gift that continues to please me. Thanks, Wayne!


  1. Hi Wendy,

    I am beginning to realize how the blogosphere grows: when you comment (as you did this morning on my blog), my curiosity wanted to find out more about this person, so I came over here, read a few posts and immediately joined as a follower! I am more circumspect in my joining these days, and I don't put someone on my front page unless I know I will continue to read them every day, but you will now show up on Google Reader so I'll know when you post something new, and I will check it out and comment.

    I envy you your grandchildren, since my first son died in the Army, married but without any children, and my other son died in infancy of spinal meningitis many, many years ago. I enjoy so much hearing about all of my bloggers' grandkids and I enjoy some of the more humorous blogs of mothers of young kids.

    But mostly I enjoy reading what my newfound online friends are doing with their lives, both retired and not, since I am still trying to find my way through retired life. I love the pictures of your garden and grandkids, and I look forward to more!!

  2. Thank you DJan. I have been following your posts for a while. Today's was superb!

    I have met so many nice people through blogging... i have just met another.

    Thanks for posting!