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Saturday, August 29, 2009

And they all lived happily ever after...

Sometimes circumstance can alter the course of our lives, and then that unseen hand intervenes and we are given a second chance.......

Shannon and her Dad, (My brother)

Shannon and her poppy.

The groom, Jamie, Shannon's little sister, Megan, and the beautiful bride.

A dance with dad...

A hug from big brother, Buddy... (She really DOES like it!)

And the one who made it happen... Cousin Mandi (who never forgot her playmate) Shannon and Jamie. Thanks, Mandi.

...and we WILL live happily ever after.

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  1. I think there's part of the story here I don't know about. But congratulations and hopes that indeed we will all live happily ever after.

  2. awww thanks mom!! The part about "who never forgot her playmate" gave me chills...I never did and I am so happy the way things have turned out!!