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Monday, August 31, 2009 not read.

I have been asked again why I bog, and what is its purpose. It is difficult to put that sort of thing into words... but I will give it a go.

My reasons are many... There is always the thrill of meeting other like-minded people, but my blog is also a diary of sorts where I share my life, my story, my interests and my philosophy. I find, for reasons unknown, that I just have to put "it" out there, and often there is no one who is interested, or who has the time to listen.... Once in a while, someone will happen across this site who shares the same challenges, concerns or interests and we connect.

Life is a journey. I believe that many lessons can learned along the way that help us develop strength of character and help us in our quest to perfect our spirit.

Did you ever hear that expression "I wish I knew then what I know now?" Of course you have. Too many of us express that feeling of regret when the opportunity has long ago passed to do things differently... and I have to say I wish I knew then what I know now.

Over the years my greatest lessons were learned from the mistakes I made. In the past, I was careless with things of great value... like relationships. I judged people too harshly. I have been guilty of overlooking the good and have focused on faults. I have not nurtured relationships, nor have I given others the opportunity to prove their worth...and I have learned that it ended up being my loss.

I was also careless of how I treated our gentle and beautiful planet. I had no idea of the damage that we were doing, without awareness, in our every day lives. We have used harsh chemicals in our homes and in our fields that have made us sick and have poisoned our streams and wildlife. I had no idea of the corrupt practices that exist because of the desire for monetary gain. I know better now, and so I do better, and I want to talk to people who feel the same way.

I want to do things differently and I want to chart my progress. My journey began long before I discovered blogging but I am thankful for this means of communication.

Over the years I have developed interests in gardening, art and simple living. Those interests bring me great joy, peace and contentment.

My relationships with others also bring me great happiness now. I have wonderful children who are talented in many different ways, and who have never disappointed me in their choices of profession or partners. Although I watch them struggle at times and I have to resist interfering and giving advice, it is my hope that something they read here might interest them.

So..those are my reasons for blogging.

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  1. I did not think that was a boring post. I enjoyed reading why you blog and a little more about how you became who you are today.