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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back to Home Sweet Home

We arrived home on Sunday after covering many miles and seeing so much. PEI is a beautiful piece of Canada. The weather was cold and rainy most of the week but that did not deter us from getting out and sight-seeing. One of my favourite towns was "Rustico," but it would be hard to choose as every town was beautiful.

The highlight of my visit to the Island was visiting the Great Canadian Goat Co. where I purchased MANY bars of soap made from goats milk. I learned that only a small percentage of "soap" on the market is truly soap, and that most is detergent made from harsh chemicals. My husband and I have been using this soap exclusively since getting back (and while we were on the road). I am sold on its quality, and I will be passing on my unopened bars of "soap" (from the grocery store) to anyone who is not interested in a quality product.

For years we have been purchasing anti-dandruff shampoo for hubby, and he still had problems with itchy and flaky scalp. He now uses the goats milk soap and has had no further problem with dandruff. The dry skin has disappeared from the back of my arms. I am very impressed! I will be posting a link to the site by the weekend.

My gardens were quite overgrown with weeds when we got back. The rabbits had also found my beets. Everything is doing well, however, and I am pleased to say that the apply fly traps are working! I actually have some apples that are not pock-marked this year!

The biggest challenge when traveling is continuing our practice of recycling. PEI, however, has a great recycling system and we were able to keep our waste down to one small grocery bagful for the week we were there. We reused our sheets and towels and refrained from using the courtesy bottles of shampoo offered by the hotels we stayed in.

All in all, we had a great trip, but we are also glad to be home. I guess that is why people they can return to what is familiar and loved with a new vision.

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  1. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog I really appreciate it.... it sounds like you had a great trip away & yes you are right about the goats soap it is great! I read with interest about your making of the beeswax candles, my Hubby makes our candles on a small barbie but uses the remains of our burnt down candles. So can you tell me please is it just beeswax that you use or do you had something to it. Love the smell & yes your right when you say about being in a closed garage with a truck running.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend....

    Lyn xxx