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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Greetings from PEI

We arrived on the Island late Sunday evening after two days on the road. The drive was long from Ontario, but well worth the time and effort. Prince Edward Island is gorgeous! The Island has much to boast about...beautiful coastlines, dunes and quaint fishing villages...rolling hills, and fertile fields of rich rust coloured soil which nourishes the potato crops that PEI is famed for.

Properties are well-groomed and most are smaller than those found in Ontario. For the most part, the homes I have seen, sit on lots that are unfenced... unless the occupants tend livestock. I saw very few gardens, but gardens are unnecessary, as the Island is covered with Lupins in beautiful shades of pink, purple and yellow.

Our accommodation is much like the other homes around us... tiny and trimmed. The Islanders take recycling and composting seriously and our host has asked us to do the same. I don't find that a difficult thing to do.

We have had a healthy dose of Maritme weather ...damp at times...but have still enjoyed exploring.

I am hoping to post again along the way. The Internet connection has been iffy at times.

If you have never visited this part of Canada, please do yourself a favour and book a trip to this beautiful Island! While here, don't forget to sample the spuds and the Island's own ice cream..."Cows.". will want to return!

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