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Monday, July 27, 2009

A Day Off...

How shall I fill it? Well...there are endless chores that could fill my day, or I could forego the mundane and do something fulfilling. I have projects galore on the go...quilts, and wall hangings, paintings sketched and waiting for colour.... I also have grand babies to see and dote upon....

I think I will choose the latter. There is no contest and if there were, the babies win hands down!

My grandchildren number three now... all under the age of six. Some have teeth and some don't. Grandson #1 has just lost his top front teeth. "Dustin" is 6 years old. He is all-boy and is full of life and curiosity. He is shared by his mom and dad and a new step-mom. He is loved by a huge number of family-fans. He has just acquired a little brother who is now 10 weeks of age, and whom we call, "Halen" (As in "Van...")

Alexia is three and is Dustin's cousin. She still has all of her teeth and talks up a storm. She is warming up to her Nana and Papa now and we are looking forward to many visits in the future. Alexia already has a wicked sense of humour and a cute little laugh. She is wrestling with her "L's" ( as in..."Nana, I wuved that wittle hat" ) She, too, is looking forward to a visit from the stork, and a new baby sister this fall.

I am pleased to hear that MY D.I.L. wants to try using cloth diapers this time around. (Pleased is a mild word!) I always cheer when my children announce their intention to do something that is not-so-popular. I cringe when I consider my contribution to the landfill site.

So, I will end this and prepare for my visit. After all, what better way to spend a day off?

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