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Friday, July 17, 2009

What Have I done!?!

I have created a monster! I discovered Laura Bush's recipe for chocolate chip cookies...and in sharing them with family and neighbours, have discovered that they are quickly becoming a favorite. This in itself is not a bad thing, however, this is the third time I have made them in the past two weeks. I am attempting to transition from fat and frumpy to sleek and sexy and making these cookies has hampered my progress. Surely one must taste the cookies before passing them on?? I need a live in cookie tester... is now Friday, and what have I accomplished this week? Precious little. I occupied myself with grand-babies until Tuesday and went into work on night shift on Wednesday and thursday night. I did gather for a yard sale which my daughter is having tomorrow. I have baked another batch of cookies. I managed a bike ride and have weeded my garden. That is it. Working night shift robs me of of sleep and ambition.

If intention counts for anything, I do have great plans. I hope to find the time to complete two quilts before summer is out. I hope to make my granddaughter a pillowcase dress from a vintage pillowcase. I hope to complete a pair of socks for my girlfriend's grandbaby and find the adult ones I started and did not finish.

My garden is doing well which is surprising as our weather has been on the cool side. I have not harvested anything yet but will soon be traveling to the local farmer's market to start putting down for the coming winter.

I am off now to pick up my grandson who loves to visit with his Nana and Papa. I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

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