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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Countdown Has Begun!

I have pledged to buy nothing new in the month of August. Poppy reminded me, when he visited this week, that he has a birthday at the end of August. He also commented that since I have chosen to buy nothing new in August, that he knows what he will not be getting this year... "new". I agreed. Birthday gifts will take more thought, and as he does read this blog, I cannot tell you what I have in mind for his special day. But this I know. Whatever I come up with will please him. He is just that kind of guy. He asks for nothing... and appreciates everything.

I am looking forward to the challenges that will present themselves over the next month. I don't feel that I am a big spender, but I do purchase more than I need to. My biggest problem is the number of trips I make to the grocery store, and because I haven't made a list, my grocery spending takes a big chunk out of our income. So I am also going to challenge myself on another level. I am going to shop once a week, make a list and budget. Not only will I save money, but gas too.

We are going to attempt to use what is in our freezer, which should be emptied, anyway, in preparation for the new produce I will be putting down this season. Hubby is great at making interesting meals, and has jumped on board, welcoming the challenge of using up our frozen foods.

I visited my garden today. The tomatoes are doing great but everything seems slower than usual. Perhaps it is due to the amount of rain we have had. However, the peas and beans are in blossom. The leeks and carrots are coming along. I don't see anything on the squash vines other than the odd bloom. Perhaps I shouldn't check it out as often. I have to admit that it is discouraging, especially when I see what is being harvested from the Mennonite farms down the road but I have heard many gardeners complain about the rain this year. At least I have a garden this year. It has given me much pleasure.

So... three days to go until my challenge officially begins. I invite each and every one of you to join in!

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