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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quieter than I like....

I have had three bliss-filled days surrounded by grand babies. They have all gone home now, and although at times during their visit, I yearned for an hour of quiet, I am rediscovering how empty that stillness can be. I am busying myself with preparing for a yard sale and fooling around on this computer, but somehow I miss the constant chatter.

We visited the beach yesterday and the day was perfect in all ways. The sun shone. The water was warm. There were many happy voices, and the laughter of many children. It reminded me of times I had spent at the beach with my own three. We were fortunate that we had a family cottage, and many happy hours were spent there.

For those of us who suffer from empty nest syndrome...or rather....empty arm syndrome, it can be a challenge to rediscover things to fill our days. I love producing things, so my art work, crafts and my garden help in that regard. I still work part time, and although I struggle with job satisfaction, it is a diversion, and I am lucky, given the state of the economy, that I am employed.

I am more than fortunate, that I have grandchildren that like to come and visit their Nana and Papa. My grandson crawled into bed with me on his first morning here and cooed, "I love you, Nana." What more could one want? What more could one need?

I am off now to wash linens and towels in preparation for the next visit which promises to be soon. Have a wonderful day!

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