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Monday, April 13, 2009

This is a lot harder than I thought!

I really have to salute those who have managed to avoid buying new for a whole year. My goal was to buy less, and that I am accomplishing, but to buy nothing new? I am not certain that I can do that. It isn't that I mind giving up "new" for myself, but it is difficult to avoid buying new for those in my family who are not of the same mindset. I have a grandbaby arriving next month, and as he is my DIL's first, (and perhaps last) she does not want hand-me-downs. I can't say I blame her on some level. It is only recently that I have realized the need to consume less, so for now, I will refrain from bringing new into this house for myself or my husband who is now starting to share my enthusiasm for this project. We watched "The Story of Stuff" together this week and I am ashamed of what I saw and my contribution to this problem. Eventually my children will realize the necessity to consume less, and hopefully before this is thrust upon them through a catastrophe of some sort.

Our snow has finally disappeared and I am not-so-patiently awaiting the day when I can plant my gardens. I have started strawberry plants indoors, and they are doing well! Tomorrow I am going to see if my grapevines and blueberries made it through the winter. Traps will be hung from our apple trees soon, as the apple maggot fly will soon be making an appearance. In cleaning my garage, I have found all sorts of canning jars that I will fill with local produce this fall.

My bike has been readied for the spring. I hope to ride it to work, weather permitting, and leave my car in the driveway as often as I can this summer. This old gal just may set an example for her children yet!

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