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Thursday, April 16, 2009

One month down...

Well, as this is the anniversary of my resolutions, I think it only fitting that I look back and see what I have learned along the way... what I have done well, and what I can improve upon.

I have learned the value of positive influence. Amber from "Unstuffed" jumped in at a time when I felt I might jump off the bandwagon, and reminded me that each one of us that is trying to make a difference is a member of large community of like-minded people, and that together we can accomplish great things and learn from each other. Thanks, Amber.

I have learned that clothes hung outside smell so good, and that the extra work it takes to get my clothes from the machine to the line burns calories so...bonus!! I have also learned that cold water wash gets clothes just as clean as warm water. I am now washing ONLY in cold water.

I have learned that if you are going to practice mindful living, you have to allow a little more time to do so. I now plan my shopping day...(now once a week.) I am looking for and purchasing more organic products to support those companies that produce them. In time, I hope that demand lowers the prices of these goods, but for now I know that I am purchasing a higher quality product... and one which is produced in a manner which is kinder to our earth home.

I have learned how to grab the first jolt of water from the shower to use to water my plants. I continue to flush less often when we do not expect company. I am using less TP.

I have GREATLY reduced my consumption of meat, and am ready to take the step and eat vegetarian meals only. I feel lighter.

I am learning that there IS a story behind "stuff"...its production, its consumption and its disposal.

A long time ago I learned that people are more important than things. Did I learn this because I was surrounded by a huge clan of loving relatives who in my early years had little. but cared for and nurtured their own? I think that is so. As I have grown, and witnessed more affluence, I have also witnessed families battle and become divided over material possessions.

A friend once quoted, now 36 years ago, a line I have never forgotten. "I claim no possessions so none can claim me." In the months to come, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of that quote. I am hoping to reach a point in my life where I can sincerely practice its sentiments.

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