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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April showers

There are times that the weather just doesn't cooperate. It rains on a day when plans were made to spend time in the garden. How easy it is to judge that day by the weather. Gloomy weather, gloomy day...bright sunshiny weather...bright sunshiny mood. Today was one of those damp, gray days but instead of feeling cheated out of the ambition to spend the day outside playing in the yard, I spent a perfect afternoon with my dad. We traveled to Orillia where we had another "best-chocolate-donut-in-in-the-whole-world" and a cup of coffee. We marveled at the sudden appearance of green grass and trees laden heavily with bud. Fields are being prepared to plant. Red-winged blackbirds, hawks, Osprey. robins have all returned and are preparing their summer homes to raise new broods. They do not seem to notice the gray skies and cooler weather.

We humans find many reasons to complain. Either the day is too warm, or too cold. It is either too dry or too wet. We never have enough. Many of us look upon our cups as half empty instead of almost full. What is really missing from our lives is gratitude. How often do we say "I am so fortunate." or "Thank you?"

So... I want to take this opportunity to voice my gratitude. I am thankful for the rain that cleans and nurtures the earth, that feeds our plants and flowers. I am thankful for another day spent with my dad. I am thankful for friends and family and for birds that fill the air with song. I am thankful for a new day, and good health to enjoy it...whatever the weather.


  1. When we live here and now we have no reason anymore to complain. We only can live in here and now, not in the future and not in the past.

  2. How true. Thank you for commenting. Looking forward to checking out your site.

  3. Lovely post Wendy! It's funny, now that I have begun to garden and have seeds in the ground, I was looking forward to the rain we got this week! Before this, I would have been bummed out and complaining. Now I am thankful for rain!