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Monday, April 6, 2009

Just ramblings

Today I have little to contribute. I have worked for the past 5 days and I find myself bone tired...bankrupt of creative ideas or posts. HOWEVER, at times like this I lean a little on others for inspiration, and in that, have sat at this computer for the past hour surfing other blogger's sites. When I feel particularly saddened by what I perceive as a lack of effort on my friends and family's part to change the way they do things... I have to remember that there are many many people out there that are doing their part to lessen their carbon footprint. Change takes time, patience and knowledge.

I do have one thing to share, however. I have two large apple trees in my backyard. I have not been able to eat the apples off them as they are pock marked and misshapen. I have finally found out what has caused this and it is the Apple Fly Maggot. The Apple fly lays its eggs in the apple and in turn, the larva tunnels through the apple leaving brown streaks. If I owned an orchard it would be quarantined because of this problem.

I contacted the Annapolis Royal gardens in Nova Scotia where I had seen a red trap hanging from the apple tree there and asked for information. I was eventually able to order pesticide free traps from a company in the States. I hope to post a picture on this site of the trap later this week... AND...I have contacted my local garden centre to ask if they would be interested in seeing this trap. They are!!!!

So... slowly, ever so slowly, like minded people become the instruments of change.

Now for more perusing....

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