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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Black Bloc Cowards...

I am sure that everyone has seen the news concerning the violent protests in Toronto, orchestrated by the Black Bloc.  I had never heard of these thugs until today, and asked my niece (who works in one of the damaged Starbucks), who they were...  I think that her answer is worthy of note...

 "The Black Bloc is this stupid tactic that the people that are causing the damage downtown are using to try to pull the police away from the main line.
All of the district managers from the downtown core were at my store all morning and then shortly after the beginning of the protesters passed by my store things got a little crazy so they (my store managers) evacuated us to another location. We did have to pass through their route, but the groups we cut between were peaceful. The windows in my store got smashed up after we had left. Everyone from my store left as a group and we stayed together. Everyone is safe.
This is all very frustrating and a bit scary. I don't feel like this is Canada, and I really don't feel like this is Toronto. I really mad that young people are destroying the places where other young people work to earn a living and pay for their education. It's especially frustrating that the world is seeing this and thinking that this is what Canadian youth look like. I've been really happy with how the police have been handling everything; they seem to be approaching the whole thing in a really sensible way that is keeping the general mass safe and specifically targetting the troublemakers."

So...  I hope that my readers appreciate that we Canadians do not support these people.   They are thugs.  Their actions negate the actions of the peaceful protesters.

White hood or Black... It is all the same thing.  Cowardly individuals hiding behind cloth.


  1. my goodness! glad u r safe.

  2. Hi Wenn... it was my niece and she is ok. Thanks for caring.