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Monday, May 3, 2010

What's blooming?

Today I mowed two lawns...BIG lawns...but I loved being outside. I took time to smell the roses...and tulips and apple and pear blossoms. All seemed to sing the praise of just "being."

Does anyone else hear their chorus?

I love all of the colours. There is not one that is more beautiful than the next...all different and all beautiful in their own way

What would this garden be without the diversity of colour and species?

Is the purple tulip more beautiful than its dainty little neighbour, the "Forget-me-not?" (How could we forget you?)

This shy little violet lay hidden beneath some shrub.

I think the flowers who look skyward remind us to do the same.

Pear and apple blossoms feed their nectar to the bees and later will feed their fruit to us. My trees are not touched by pesticides. It just doesn't seem right.

There is beauty in diversity...and you need not venture further than your backyard to find that beauty.

What lesson has your garden taught you?

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  1. My garden is my front porch with some planters on it, and my bird feeders. These pictures are just beautiful, with that incredibly blue sky behind the blossoms, and the rich colors of the tulips. Thanks for the tour!

  2. and I cleared a spot for my shovel, more snow expected tomorrow. Not to worry it won't last long but oh how I am looking forward to Spring.
    ..........-) Hugs