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Friday, May 21, 2010

Garden Helper

My next door neighbour is an artist in his own right.  He is also a big kid.  He repairs old Tonka trucks, collects miniature models of motorcycles and cars, and builds things.  

Below is something he has built.  "He" is standing in the middle of the raised gardens that my husband built...(which, by the way, will be planted this weekend.)

"Frank" has done wonders at scaring off cats, rodents, and dogs.  (Our Lab starts therapy sessions on Monday.)  He has also given me a fright on occasion...but you gotta love the guy!  After all...he has personality.  He is not just the run of the mill scarecrow...

So...thank you Frank for "Frank."  He has become a member of the family, and we love him.


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  1. Frank is awesome! I hope he stands up to the wind and rain, because he's pretty darn good looking! Love the hat!