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Thursday, May 6, 2010

No pics today...

I live in a small town on the eastern shores of Lake Simcoe. It is a sleepy town that seems to come alive at this time of year. More and more of the land surrounding the village, is being claimed and cultivated as farmland. Migrant workers are bought up from Mexico to turn the soil and do the heavy work that Canadians are either too lazy, unmotivated (or too expensive to hire) to do. Crop after crop is harvested throughout the spring, fall and autumn, and then our "guests" return home to families that they have not seen for months.

We have been lucky as far as our weather is concerned. Although we have had cool days, we have seen a great deal of sunshine and have had ample rain. I cannot help but wonder, however, at the reports that I am hearing, of snow in the West. Perhaps this is not unusual weather for Westerners... I don't know, but I am thankful that we have been spared this weather, as I am sure the impact on the crops grown here would be devastating.

My seedlings are beginning to sprout and I look forward to the end of the month when I can put them in the ground. If all goes well, we will have enough vegetables to preserve and ease our grocery burden...and that of our families.

I have been busy painting, knitting and sewing...and working when I have to. As I near retirement, I find I enjoy work less. I think that is a good thing in itself.

My thoughts drift today to the news that seems to get worse as time passes...the oil spill. I cannot help but think that, if we as a whole lessened our reliance on this fuel, that the world would become a more peaceful, and healthier place. It is a disaster of epic proportions, and wish I lived closer to help out in some small way.

So today's post is just a ramble...a collection of thoughts. I am glad that I have found this blogging community. For the most part, the blogs I follow are the writings of people who are doing their best to make this world a better place for themselves and their families... people who aspire to lessen their impact on the world, and in doing so, inspire the rest of us to do the same. Thank you for the inspiration!


  1. You are so welcome. It's because of people like you I've met in the blogosphere that I can continue to be optimistic about our future. And I just have to say that your blog post is incorrect: you drew wonderful word pictures that I enjoyed immensely!

  2. Thanks Djan!

    Its great to have met such an interesting...busy...energetic..lady such as yourself! You paint beautiful adventures, too!

  3. Beautiful post always.
    It too is breaking my heart about the oil spill in the Gulf.
    I think it will be a long time before 'they' figure out the total damage that this spill is causing.
    I don't have all the answers but I do believe that life and the world is changing rapidly and not all for the good.