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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A weekend away...

My friend of 33 years and I, spent a much needed retreat weekend at Cedar Grove Resort, north of Huntsville this weekend. The rates were great...the accommodation...terrific, and the food...superb!

We booked in on their "off season." The weather was chilly, however, the cabins all had fireplaces, and Dee and I did not venture far from the couch, where we worked on knitting, and embroidery.

Such a beautiful place...and to think that our stay there was made possible by the hard work of the pioneers to this area who etched out a place that we would someday visit and enjoy. I am sure that their labours were difficult.

Did I say that the food was superb? I tasted fiddleheads for the first time....and pansies! How nice it was to be served a wonderful meal, and not have to clean up afterward!

I think these chairs have my name on them! Perhaps you might like to come along! You won't regret it! Absolutely lovely!!!

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  1. You were served... pansies? How? In a salad? Now I'm really curious. These pictures are all so wonderful, and it's great that you got a chance to go out and have fun together. No need to be outside all day when you've got such a view! Thanks for sharing your adventure with me!

  2. The pansies were served as a garnish on the plate...but I tried a little, and they were good. I have spent the afternoon looking up recipes and one that intrigues me is a recipe where you freeze a pansy with water in an ice cube tray and serve the cubes in a drink. I have s much to learn!

  3. What a beautiful little place for a mini vaca. I would love to go to a place like that to just unplug and unwind for a couple of days.
    Glad to hear you had an awesome time.

    My mom grows edible pansy's. She serves her's in salads, in ice cubes like you mentioned or she does a sugar coating on them for cakes or cupcakes. They come out beautiful.

  4. Hi Lori!
    I was under the impression that they are all edible as long as they haven't been sprayed? Please consider doing a blog note about her edible pansies and how she makes the coating...PLease!

    Live a little learn a little!

  5. Oh, I so need a retreat weekend. I think you've spurred me onto planning one!

  6. my mum used to freeze pansies in the ice cube trays filled with water, then she would put them in our lemonaide or kool-aid, not only were they pretty and good.....:-) Hugs

  7. Sounds like the ideal weekend retreat to me -being cooked for, a cozy cabin, just relaxing with yarns, needles of various types and embroidery stuff -my kind of get-away for sure. Now if I could just win the lottery to be able to fund something like that, life would be absolutely perfect except I might not want to return to the "real" world afterward.

  8. Hi Lottie! Take your quilting when you do... There are a group of ladies that go solely to quilt!

    Jenn... In off season, you end up paying less than $80.00 a day when you factor in the cost of food. I think this is not unreasonable...

  9. Thanks Bernie... I had never heard of this but am looking forward to trying it!

  10. How charmingly beautiful...a wonderful retreat. So glad you had a wonderful time.

  11. Well that place looks like heaven. The tranquility must have been amazing. Nothing salves the soul quite as much as that well okay - with a full body massage thrown in!