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Thursday, October 1, 2009

What is a Friend?

A Friend can enter your life for a moment, and live in your heart forever.

A Friend holds you in a gentle embrace, with open hand, and tender heart.

A Friend knows what inspires you...and supports you with all that she has.

Friendship knows no boundaries and ages gracefully.

Sometimes Friends can become Family...

...and family...Friends.

And when she is gone, a Friend leaves you with a piece of herself...

True Friendship tolerates distance and difference...

And often when we think it is lost... it is discovered again.

To my friends who have enriched my life beyond measure, I thank you.


  1. What a wonderfully beautiful post!!

  2. Thanks LA... My online friends are included in this sentiment!

  3. Beautiful Mom!!!

  4. Do you -or do I -hear an echo? Gotta be one cause I'm hearing the same thing over and over -beautiful! And this post was just that.
    Wish I had pictures of all the many friends I have and have had over the years to pay tribute to all of 'em in this manner.

  5. Hi Jeni!

    I wish that I could have included images of everyone I was thinking of as I wrote this. My blogging friends are becoming very important in my life, too!

  6. hi..that's very beautiful..hv a nice weekend..

  7. How very true. A wonderful tribute to your friends.
    Why so melancholy? Is everything ok?

  8. Thanks for dropping TRO. A tendency towards melancholy runs in the family. It might have been the reason for the post. I am not sure...but I sure have some wonderful friends both on and off line.

  9. Glad to know everything is okay...with me, melancholy means something deep inside is bothering me..sometimes I don't even know it yet...