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Thursday, October 29, 2009

It Is Done.... Finally!!

I finished hand stitching the binding this weekend and was finally able to give Dustin his quilt. I am ashamed to say, that it has taken me two years to complete this project. I explained to Dustin, that this just isn't a blanket but it is also a game that he can play, ("I Spy") and told him that when he was sad or just needing a hug, he could bundle himself up in it for a "Nana hug," and know that the person who made it loved him a lot.

I have started gathering fabric a quilt for the little gem below (The bigger gem) . It is her turn for a quilt...and a "Nana hug," and I commit to finishing it in less that 2 years!

Both of my grandchildren were blessed with a little brother or sister this year. As you can see, Alexia loves her little sister, Delia., and she is a wonderful big sister.

I overheard a conversation between Dustin and his little brother, Halen, this weekend. In a very quiet voice, Dustin said. "I love you, Halen. You are my very best friend. I waited for you for a long time." I asked Dustin if he had wanted a baby brother or a sister, and he replied, "I did not care... I just wanted something..."

Out of the mouths of babes....

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  1. Oh those grandbabies are so your quilt, what a beautiful memory you have made for your grandson.....:-) Hugs

  2. Are you trying to emulate my style? I embroidered a baby quilt for my granddaughter, Maya. Had the top finished before she was born and then, managed to get backing and batting and got it pinned together by the time she was two months old. It took a few months but finally, I got brave and quilted it -cheated though as I did it on my sewing machine. So all that was left then was the binding. Maya just turned six on Oct 18th and all that STILL remains to be done on this baby (crib size) quilt, is -you guessed it -the BINDING! I am terrified of trying to figure out how to do the binding for fear I will really muck it up as right now, it looks pretty decent -or reasonably so anyway. Maybe I can get it finished some time and put it back for Maya to use someday if she ever has children of her own. That would give me a decent amount of time to learn how to do the binding and get it done, don't 'cha think?

  3. LOL!! Jeni... Just finish the darn quilt. it will give you such a lift....but put it away and enclose a little note directing her how you would like it used. There are many articles on the net on how to do the binding...or if you want to drop in for a cuppa... I will show you how! (Nice offer given that we live thousands of miles apart!)

    Bernie... Thank you. I think they are pretty special and the best part of it all is that I have two of each.... I am very fortunate.

  4. wow..that's very nice of u..

  5. Beautiful quilt. It does make you feel so good to finally finish a project that you had started so long ago. I have a few of my own in my closet.