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Saturday, October 17, 2009

One of The Strangest Things I have Ever Seen!

I was driving down my street last fall, and caught a glimpse of a squirrel trying to drag this bottle up a tree!!

Honestly! (I am NOT making this up!) I had my camera...and that in itself is unusual... and was able to shoot some pictures. Good thing! Who would have believed me?

He dropped the bottle and later I was able to zoom in and read the label. It was a herbal preparation for sore muscles!

Poor little guy. I can appreciate that he might have sore muscles... jumping from limb to limb and spending long hours outdoors in cool and damp weather.

He tried repeatedly to lift the bottle and drag it up to his nest.

He was unsuccessful in removing the lid, but you sure have to give him an "A" for effort. Somehow I wish he had been rewarded for all of his hard work but the bottle was on the ground the next morning. I am sure that the squirrel was nursing some pretty tender muscles after that kind of exertion!

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  1. that's interesting..hv a nice weekend..

  2. You know where the term "squirreling it away" comes from now, huh? I see squirrels around here taking anything and everything up into their tree, except for actual bottles! Once I spread out some peanuts and watched one come and "squirrel" them away one at a time. It was fun; some he carried up his tree and some he buried.

  3. This is one of the most amazing squirrel stories I have ever read, and seen! Once in a lifetime. I wonder why on earth the squirrel would want that bottle. I guess sore muscles is the only explanation. :)

  4. This is TOO funny- This should have 1000 comments, not 4!