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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thoughts on the Environment.

Today is the day when bloggers around the world unite, and in one voice, express our concerns about the state of the environment. I could speak of global warming. but many do not believe that there is such a thing. This way of thinking is difficult for me to understand. I could argue the point, but I choose not to. Instead, I wish to say, that for whatever the reason, we cannot afford to use the earth in the manner which we have any longer. It is time that we became better tenants.

I do what I can to lessen my footprint. Through association with those bloggers who are more knowledgeable, I am learning to do more. When I feel that I am not doing enough, I, like Amber, count the things I do not do. It makes me feel a little better.

It is my hope that my grandchildren, and their children, inherit clean earth and clean air. I hope that their food comes from from areas that are close to home, and that there is enough...just enough...of everything good in their lives. I hope that they learn from our mistakes, and that they do better than we have., as custodians of this beautiful planet we call home.


  1. Wendy, you are wise beyond your years. I too have tried to lessen my footprint on the earth, and I too wish our children will have a clean place to live with food that comes from close by. If we can just join our fervent hope together, it will come to pass, one day. At least that's my hope. Thanks for being here.

  2. I agree - there is a lot to be said about the blog community - we all learn from each other - from those who are way more experienced than us and those who are just starting out and everyone along the line!


  3. the environment..

  4. Thanks, all. I love being part of a community that supports and encourages...