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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A great Way to Spend a Rainy Afternoon!

Plans to go north to the Farmer's Market were changed today due to the rain.  I am not disappointed, though.  Sometimes, a day spent indoors is a really good thing!

I bought local strawberries at the local market and I am in the process of making up another batch of freezer jam.  After that, I have cukes to pickle.  

I am afraid that my garden is a bust this year.  I have gotten a few green peppers and the Indian Corn looks promising.  The weeds have gone wild in spite of my best efforts.  Next year I plan on having raised beds with really good soil, and for now, I will rely on the local farmers for my produce.

I have been watching the news with growing trepidation.  The US of A is in a real "Pickle" when it comes to their finances, and what effects our neighbours, is bound to effect us.  At the risk of sounding like an alarmist, I think it wise to have a little "extra" on hand...  My pantry is growing slowly.  I preach the idea of buying or making a little extra to my children, and I think they have got it.  My friend Diane and I have been of this mindset for years.

Whether or not you buy the idea of "peak oil" or not, you cannot argue that oil prices are climbing.  What do you think that this will do to the cost of the transport of groceries?   I am sure that this will effect the transport of goods produced within our country...and our continent, but think for a moment about foods that are processed overseas.  Can "we" continue to afford to send goods to China to be processed? 

I believe that things are not as bleak as they might appear.  We just have to get used to doing things in a different manner.  Locally grown and locally processed is so much more nutritious, and less expensive.  It also produces less waste and when you make it, you know what you are feeding your family.


  1. It's been too long since visiting your lovely blog. So glad to be back. I think you're spot on, regarding the economy. Keep sharing. Love hearing it. ♥

  2. i would love to stay at home..

  3. yes, I think we will all be changing our ways before long, if this keeps up. Hope you are staying nice and dry, and cool. Sorry to hear your garden isn't all that healthy this year...

  4. We stock our little pantry and chest freezer. What a great feeling to see the shelves when they are full. It's like the sigh of relief one has when the winter's wood comes, and a warm house is pretty well guaranteed for another year. Security...I guess that's what the feeling is.