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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trouble...nothing but trouble...with Blogger.

I have experienced nothing but pure and utter frustration when trying to post over the past few months.  It is enough to make me want to stop blogging.  I might.

The post I wrote below has come in miss-sized.  I cannot correct it.  My apologies.


  1. What browser are you using, Wendy? I looked at the older post, and I see that it is not only mis-sized, but it's also right justified and most of the text is missing on the right side.

    Do you ever look at the HTML when posting? Sometimes when trying to get it right, one can put in a command that overrides everything else. I will often go into the HTML and remove it.

    The best browser for posting is (of course) Chrome, because it's a Google product. I use it exclusively for blogs, although I also have Safari (comes with Macs) and Firefox. Feel free to go to my profile and find my email and send me a private email and perhaps I can help to straighten it all out.

  2. Thanks DJan. When I get over this little tantrum I will try your suggestions.

  3. What? Dentures for a dog? Never heard of anything like this before LOL