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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spring Fever

I spent a great part of my day surfing seed companies, yesterday, and finally got busy and ordered from one site that a friend recommended. You can visit here. I think I am well-equipped for spring planting now.

Again this year, for my birthday, I have asked for a present of labour from my sons and SIL. I want 6 more raised garden beds. My two gardens produced enough, last year, for the odd meal...and no more. I have decided that I will plant one or two crops at the most per bed, and hopefully I will be able to preserve something for the winter.

The seeds I have are getting old and I am not sure how good they are now. I visited this site and decided to try winter sowing. I set to work washing containers. (Now I have a use for those plastic containers that are used for roasted chickens.) I will puncture holes in the bottom and fill them will soil, and when I have sown my seed, they will be placed outside in the snow. This project excites me!

I am feeling tiptop lately and find that I have more energy. I have busied myself with cleaning house and closet. Spring MUST be on the way!

Is there something that you are looking forward to?


  1. We can't even think about spring yet here!

  2. I saw a post somewhere about using old toilet paper rolls as plant starters. Just put on a tray, take wet newspaper or papertowel and stuff bottome a little, then put soil and seeds. Pretty cool idea.

  3. Love the squirrel shots! You should send that to the bird feeder company and ask for a refund! HA! I can't think of anything in particular that I'm looking forward to other than doing this whole volunteer thing again next fall/winter!