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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I am Committed!

I have signed up for a paddling adventure in September. "Waterfalls, Wanderings and Watercolours" takes place in September 2010. I have really stepped out of my comfort zone in arranging this trip. Although I have paddled before, I have always relied on my husband to deliver me "there". This time, I am making all of my own arrangements, from transportation to dog care and everything in between...and I am SOOOO excited!

Would any of you care to come along? It is a beginner course and the art part of it can be writing, painting or photography. I would LOVE to have company! (Chris...Diane...Bernie...Amber...LA...DJan...TRO... Please consider!)

Forgot to mention...The paddle takes place in Algonquin Park.


  1. More details please, like, how much does it cost. How many days is it, what equipment would I need, is there someone there to teach painting? Is there a bathroom close by, are meals provided, where do we sleep etc...

  2. Me too! When, where, how much?? I am definitely interested, Wendy! All that Anon asked, and can my writing and/or photography work??


    That is the link. Meals are provided. The art program is not so much instruction as the opportunity to paint. Photography, writing...all considered "art." Scenery is beautiful

    Toilets... HA!! Step out of your comfort zone, Chris. You are just beginning the next adventure of your life!

    Sleep...Canvas tents under the stars. YAY!

  4. Oh my gosh Wendy, this sounds amazing! I'm tempted to say yes right away. But I should probably give a little thought to expense, timing and other holiday plans with the ADG. :) But yes, seriously considering it!

  5. Glad to see some interest! I have contacted these folks to see if they offer a group rate.

    It is seven months away. Plenty of time to plan and save.

    Amber... I think ADG might like a trip such as this. Why not bring him along?

  6. Makes me think about buying a lottery ticket Wendy - but I might be kidding myself age 73.
    June in Oz