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Friday, December 11, 2009

Where Do your Thoughts "Drift?"

When my daughter told me of the snow that was falling in Bracebridge and Huntsville....two towns that are approximately one hour north of here.....I thought she was exaggerating. Apparently not. Huntsville has been declared in a state of emergency.

"Miley" plowing through a drift....

Mandy... up to her hips in snow.... and it keeps on coming! So... Where do my thoughts drift to when I contemplate another 4 to 5 months of this???

Did you guess summer??

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  1. great pictures, sunflowers are my favorite flower

    I'm waiting for snow, we don't usually get much.

  2. OOOOH! Where did you say you live, LA? Any homes for sale on your street????

  3. Those are some great snow pictures! I hope they will be all right and keep warm and safe. I love the hummingbird picture! Yes to warmth and yes to summer. But if we didn't have the opposite, would we appreciate it as much?

  4. Oh you too are in a winter wonderland, it is brutally cold here and we have tons of snow already with more on the way tonight and it is not even winter yet........oh well a cup of hot chocolate with marshmellows taste better in the cold weather.....:-) Hugs

  5. We have all of the cold, but not all of the snow here, yet. Half of my state is buried in snow, but I'm on the lucky half that has only had a dusting. I like snow but not that much snow.

  6. hehe that was such a crazy snow storm! We got 100cm of snow in 2 days! The town was shut down as well as highways! The roads are still needed to be cleared but things are back to normal for the most part....and guess what, it is STILL snowing here!! Thanks for the post Mom!

  7. Sure are...come on down. LOL
    We live in southern illinois about an hour east of St Louis. For some reason we seem to be a valley or something because the snow usually is all around us but we get very little. Out of the four years we've been here, we've had only 3 or 4 snows that really accumulated much at all. Last year there was a storm of over 9 inches and I was thrilled.