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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Digging Deep

One of my blogging friends has been writing about the memories she shares with her sister. I commented that I have few memories from so many years ago, and that I would have to dig deep to find them again. Why do you think that is? Is it because so many of us our caught up in TODAY, and have little time to reminisce? I am not sure, but unearthing old photographs sure helps.

My family which consisted of my mom, dad and brother, lived in the Silverthorne district of Toronto. We were fortunate to have grandparents and aunties and cousins that lived nearby. When mom and dad were busy, my brother and I were cared for by family.

We lived in the house that my dad built. Building this house was quite an accomplishment for a man who was busy with attending school, as a teacher, during the day and school, as a student, at night.

Our neighbourhood was small...our world was small. We behaved ourselves, because if we didn't, we knew that our parents would know about our antics before we got home.

In those days, milk was delivered to the door. Horses were frequently seen on the streets. Often a man would bring the pony pictured below around the neighbourhood and mothers would scramble to clean up their children for a picture taken on the back of a pony. It was a thrill for my brother and me, and I am glad that I have this picture to remind me of a time when life was simple...


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  1. Awwww! What a sweet picture! Yes, photographs certainly do help. And I guess that was a Shetland, since it seems pretty small? Very very nice memory, and I'm glad to know more about your history. As you find more memories, remember I am here happily reading them... Every time we post on our blogs, our followers learn something new about us, which is the point, right? :-)

  2. Wendy that pony really got around as I had my picture taken on what looks to be the same one. Now I was the youngest of six and we were poor (though I didn't know it then) and my boots were tied with string, the kind that was used to tie brown paper packages.....I loved your memories and they have stirred my own.
    .....:-) Hugs

  3. What an adorable picture! I loved ponies as a little girl, too. I remember being promised one of my own if I quit sucking my thumb. Well, lets just say I was too old for a pony by the time I gave up my thumb.

  4. That's a great story for a great picture. It's comforting because it all reminds me of hearing my parents tell me stories about their childhoods. They got cool things like horse pictures too, but I grew up in the city, so no horses for me.

  5. haven rode on a horse b4 nice shot

    A smile from SJ =)

  6. LOVE this photo! It reminds me of one that my mom had taken of me and my brother in Texas once with a western movie star! I have to track it down, because I can't remember who it was...I think we were on the horse named Trigger!