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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One Simple Word....

Thanksgiving has passed and we are moving on at a very fast pace towards Christmas. Preparing for Christmas often takes us into the malls for purchases of goods and foodstuffs. and that got me to thinking. Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to express our gratitude, but have you noticed lately how seldom we use and hear the expression. "thank you?" Why is that!? We teach our children to respond with a "thank you"... to use their manners. Somehow this has escaped the employees in the stores where we purchase our goods. How often do you find yourself saying "thank you" to the teller...(she forgot to say IT!) she tallies your purchase? ("Thank you for giving me the opportunity to empty my bank account in your store?!? And yes...I will be glad to purchase a gift box after spending a whack of stash here"...)

It isn't just in the malls that we notice the absence of that word, though, is it? Too often I have forgotten to acknowledge an effort on the part of a family member or friend. I feel joy and gratitude in my heart for that effort but by forgetting that one simple little word. I may have left the giver wondering at how much I really appreciate their gesture. On the flip side, responding with "You are welcome" informs the person who has expressed gratitude, that they have been heard.

"Thank you." "You are welcome." Not just one simple word, I guess.

Why have I included the picture below? I forgot to say "thank You." I ask for much.... Too often I forget to acknowledge the gift...

Thank You for this beautiful sunset.

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  1. A shame we all need to be reminded to say these small words which mean so much, a beautiful sunset to be thankful for...Hugs

  2. Now that's a sunset to be thankful for. And you're right: I recently read that "you're welcome" is now usually replaced by "no problem." This means something entirely different. I now notice when someone says "thank you" and I say it a lot more, just to see what response I get. At the YMCA, the desk clerk always says "you're welcome" to me when I thank her for the towel.

  3. That is one thing I love about the town we are in now. After coming from a big city where no one displayed any manners, to everyone saying thank you, have a good day or even just smiling and saying has been a wonderful treat and it has restored my husband and myself both to being nicer human beings.

  4. That is certainly a wonderful sunset to be thankful for. I have noticed now that I am noticing nature more since I have gotten into my photography, that I feel so much grateful for the things nature gives and shows us every single day.