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Monday, May 25, 2009


In an attempt to use up the store of material I have, I searched the internet for patterns for a little girls skirt and found one at
It was a simple pattern for a ruffled skirt and knowing how much my grandbaby loves frills, I just had to try it. For those who enjoy quick results, you must try this. It takes relatively little material and is a suitable pattern for a beginner like me! I finished it this weekend and will post a pic. What you won't see, unless there is a strong wind, is the label which reads, "Handmade by Nana with love." It is hidden under the first frill.

I love to make things with my hands. I like the sense of accomplishment I feel when a project is completed. I knit, crochet, hook rugs, quilt, but my favorite hobby is painting. The kayak picture on this blog header and one posted at the bottom of the page is one I did this year. I will attempt to post others. I am learning still. The biggest lesson to learn, however, is to always make time for those things that you love to do. Life is short and the biggest regret I have heard over and over again in my nursing profession, is the regret of what was not done. Enjoy those things that you love!

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