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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Busy Day

Today I spent three hours tending my garden. The tulips are almost done and my Magnolia tree is starting to leaf out. The garden will have very little colour for a few weeks until the roses are in bloom. Gardening can be back breaking work, but the results are worth the labour.

Anthony Robbins said "that there's no abiding success without commitment." I have committed to tending this garden of mine like I have in no other year past. I have often tired of weeding and haven't watered as often as I should, and the garden has reflected my lack of interest. This year I commit to doing better.

Before going outside, I prepared another vegetable stew. I tend to lose interest in preparing meals when I am alone and my crock pot has been very useful lately. Nothing is prettier or more nourishing, than a pot full of colourful vegetables. I have now fully committed to a vegetarian lifestyle.

I have also committed to using my clothesline as often as weather permits... and as the day wanes, I have one more chore to do...and that is taking my sweet smelling laundry from the line.

This has been a full day... a productive and a satisfying day...

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