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Friday, March 27, 2009

This and that

Okay. So now I know where the idea of the crocheted clothespin bag came from. Thank you, Amber from blogspot "Unstuffed." This girl is so wise. Her bloggings inspire, challenge, and educate.

This year I have challenged myself to buy locally, or at least within Ontario. (I have a feeling that this is gong to be a long year.)

I bought white sugar on sale this week in preparation for canning I will do this fall. Duh! (Smack on the side of the head!!) Sugar cane is not exactly native to Canada, let alone Ontario. Perhaps I need to revisit my challenge. What do I want to accomplish? Well I hope to lessen my trips to the grocery store. I want to feed my family more of what is prepared and grown at my home and in the process reduce the amount of packing that is brought into and thrown out of this home. I want to buy locally as much as possible but to do this I will need certain tools that will help me with my goal. Sugar is one of those tools. Without it I cannot can goods in prep for the winter. Hopefully I can switch to using honey along the way. There is another challenge, then. (The list lengthens)

Hubby and I have challenged each other too. I challenge him every time I find a light left on where it is not needed. He challenges me as being "self-righteous." I think we are both learning and making small improvements along the way.

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