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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A question of garbage

In my mailbox today, I found our local schedule for garbage collection, and it seems like our township is finally taking steps to encourage people to cut down on waste! What welcome news! We have had a 3 bag weekly limit but our collection was every week. Now there is going to be imposed a 4 bag limit every 2 weeks! The best news is that now our compost and our blue bins will be collected weekly.

I have my own composter but often send excess to the town and once a year in the spring, the public can help themselves to what has been collected by the town over the past year.

MY goal is going to be to put out less than one bag of garbage every two weeks and....this is only a start. I am hoping that by bringing less into the house, that less will go out.

My friend was concerned about meat scraps and garbage in the summer. I am not. I freeze leftover meat and bones until collection day.

Plastic bags remain a problem, but I was pleased to see that grocery bags can be returned to a few retailers.

I discovered, in my cruising, instructions for a crocheted clothespin bag,and unfortunately I can't give the credit for that right now, but will do some more searching and will post a link here for anyone interested. I have used every plastic bag in this house, and the bag is only halfway done..but that represents almost 20 bags so far.

I have cut down on my trips to the grocery store and now leave my cloth bags in the car for shopping days. I have gone back to making my own baked goods and the benefit of that is less packaging.

A great site to check out is "Unstuffed" This gal has crocheted onion bags and uses them for produce. I have been inspired by her journey.

Well... Off to work! Until next time...


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