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Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Experiment!

Before throwing out the ends of the Romaine lettuce that I paid and arm and a leg for, I tried the following experiment...  I placed the ends in a small bowl, and added a small amount of water.  That's all!  This experiment is a week old.  I will soon move these babies to their new bed outdoors!


  1. Neat Idea! Apparently the same thing works with pineapples.

  2. Wow! That is cool! Please be sure to let us see the final outcome of the lettuce before you eat it again... :-)

  3. Cool! There is so much about food I have to learn. This is frugality to the max! Whatever made you think to do it? Insipration? Love it!!

    1. ps I'm glad you visited the blog today. It reminded me to keep working at replacing the links to my friends. Thanks :-)

  4. pps Wrong Wendy! lol Sorry, but it still reminded me to put the Overhaul link back up. Just in case you don't have the new link it's ...

  5. OMG....I didn't realize your could do this? Can't wait to find out what happens????? Very cool....and you are right!...That darned lettuce IS expensive!