My transition from cluttered to simple living.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The journey continues...

Hubs and I are fast approaching our second year in our small home on the river.  We are still madly in love with it.  Every day is filled with promise and possibility.  We have had many challenges along the way, but as we blunder through each and every one, we learn something new.

Our septic system still gives us grief.  There is an end in sight, as the township will be visiting each home along the watershed to inspect tanks and systems to ensure that they are up to standard.  I am all in favour of this.  I want to know that our system does not harm the environment.  It is rumoured that low interest loans will be offered, and that these loans can be tacked onto the existing tax account.

This morning I was, again, reflecting on our direction in life.  We desire a simpler life.  My dad...brilliant fellow that he is... announced recently, that "the simple life is never simple."  I couldn't agree more.  The journey towards simplicity...the changes in lifestyle... take time, practice, patience and a willingness to learn.

Life was once simpler.  Witness the two happy children above.  Their needs were met.  They had abundance in their lives.  Surrounded by a loving family, they wanted for nothing.  A few years after this photo was taken, things began to change.  They moved from the neighborhood where their parents had grown up, where neighbours were family, and their grandparents lived next door.  In order to provide for these children, their mom and dad both worked.  These children had good parents with the very best of intention.  Why then was it that the little girl (me) always had a desire for less of what we had... and more of what we used to have.

My grandparents emigrated from Scotland in the 1920's.  They had little more than family when they got here.  The greatest lessons that I learned were from my association with Nana and Grandpa.  My happiest moments were spent in their home in Grimsby Beach.  I have visions quiet moments...of Nana hanging her clothes from the line which was accessible from inside her home...of trays of homemade cookies and current squares baked just for us... of tea time before bed with a stack of peanut buttered toast, and a game of "snap."  I remember quiet afternoons spent on their porch, rocking and reading, as sunlight streamed through the bamboo shades.  I remember the comfort of being surrounded by a huge loving family....afternoon trips to the beach...and picnics on sandy blankets. 

I often wonder what memories our grandchildren will cherish.  Thankfully all of them are being raised by parents who love them dearly, and have the very best of intention.  As we get settled, and have them here more often, I hope that their fond memories one day, will include trips to nana's and papa's home where they were always met with a tray of goodies made especially for them.


  1. Very profound when you said you had less desire for what you had and more for what you used to have.

    I've bookmarked your blog and added it to my homestead reading list because I keep forgetting you. I didn't have your blog catagorised and it got lost in my bookmarks. I shouldn't lose you now :-)

    1. Thank you, Sue. Your blog comes up on my feed...but I have signed up to follow your blog..because I love it...and so I don't miss any posts.

    2. Thanks, Wendy! Google reader doesn't work for me because I like to comment on blogs, and it doesn't allow for that...I don't think it does. So, I have them bookmarked instead.