My transition from cluttered to simple living.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Baby Sara arrived three short weeks ago in Sudbury, Ontario.  Sara is grandbaby #6 for hubby and me.  She is going to live a very interesting life in the north country, as daddy is very interested in small scale farming and self-sufficiency, and mommy teaches english as a second I would bet that this is a little gal who will learn to love literature, and who won't be afraid to get her hands dirty.  One thing is certain, Sara will grow up in a very different world than I did.

I am fortunate.  Grandbaby #7 is on the way!  (Well...not yet...but any day now!)  Baby "L" is due Feb 14th, but her mommy thinks she may make an appearance sooner.  My daughter is pretty good at keeping secrets and will not tell anyone her name until she arrives.  Baby "L" will be born into another family who seems to have "it" figured out.  Daughter Mandy is well-prepared for this baby.  The minute she discovered that they were to have a girl, all of her son's clothing was sold online at a mom's group, and within months, her little girl was outfitted with gently used clothing.  Toys are bought, "gently-used."  Mom uses cloth diapers.  Owen has never tasted prepared baby food from a store.

We also have two other grand daughters.  Their mom has chosen to become a full-time mommy, sacrificing a career and a really good pay cheque, to stay at home with her daughters.  Tinah gives her children, and several others, quality care in the home.  Daddy Dan fishes with Alexia.  How lucky are these girls?!

My second son is certainly learning how to live on less.  After breaking his ankle in a fall several weeks ago, he is sure learning how to budget. He was well-prepared for Christmas last year, as he had bought frugally for his family throughout the year. (Thank goodness!) Bryan is an outdoors-man.  His boys will be one day, too.   They will learn to develop a love of nature, and the environment.  I'd say that they are pretty fortunate too.  Bryan's wife, Carolann, has taught the boys a love of family, acceptance and support.

When I say that these children are growing up in a world different from the one I grew up in, I say it with both trepidation , and with great excitement and hope.  All of these children are growing up in a time of unrest, depletion, and great changes.  I believe that they will learn great lessons from parents whose primary interest is their welfare.

I grew up in a loving home, and learned great lessons from my Nana who taught me how to be frugal.  I did not have to use those lessons as I was educated, found a career, and became a parent.  I use them now. 

I take great pleasure from planning my garden.  I have lofty plans for preserving.  I do what I can to lessen my impact on the world we live in.  Will that make a difference on a large scale?  Probably not...but doing a little has to be better than doing nothing.

Enough.  I am signing off to finish up a sweater that I have crocheted for baby #6.  I'm kind of proud to say that this little gem has cost me less than $8.00!


  1. Wow! This is a lot of grandbabies to make stuff for, Wendy. Lucky for you that you are such a good craftsperson. I just love that pretty jacket.

    1. Thank you Jan! I love it too! Yes... lots of grandbabies! I think I will start on Christmas presents now....

  2. Hi! thank you so much for the sweet congrats you left on my blog regarding our newest little grandson!
    ...#16 for us!

    Congrats on your's too... and the next one on the way. I'll be back to visit you more on your blog.

    nice to meet you~