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Monday, January 9, 2012

Packing and Reminicing

Christmas has flown by, and as I pack up our decorations for another year, I am reminded of those who continue to make our Christmas special by their contributions to our tree.  My M-I-L stitched the heart above many years ago.

This piece of hooking was done by my friend, Donna
I believe that my mother made this decoration....
Another decoration hooked by my friend, Donna!
My S-I-L made this star from clay.  I LOVE it!
This is another decoration that was hooked by my mom.  I miss her so much.... but it nice to be reminded of her presence at this time of year.
I made this one, many years ago
My Daughter made this tree topper when she was 5 years old in 1989.  It has graced our tree for 22 years now.  I had the best Christmas EVER!  We celebrated with our children (the ones who lived closest) on Christmas eve day.  It was so nice to have them all together, and even though our home is small, it did not seem crowded.  Dad visited for a short time and was off to Newmarket for supper with my brother.  Although my Sudbury daughter and hubby, and Guelph son,were absent, they were in touch.  As I was the best Christmas EVER!


  1. How wonderful! It is great to have family around to make Christmas what it is meant to be, all about our loved ones. such great memories in your decorations, now to be packed away until next year. Thanks for sharing them with me. :-)

  2. Super when you can definitely say, "The best Christmas ever."