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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good morning!

Hubby and I are just getting over the worst cold that I can remember in a very long time.  I don't know what the name of this virus was...but I assigned a few to it over the past two weeks.  Unfortunately we passed the bug on to my daughter and her husband when we were brewing it.  Both were hit very hard.  They are recovering now...just in time for the birth of their little one.   There is also a gastric bug that is making its rounds.  I don't think that you can be too diligent about washing your hands, particularly after shopping and pushing carts.

I have been working as I have been recovering, and am no longer contagious.  When I am not working, I am busying myself with the never ending chore of de-cluttering and ridding myself of that which has accumulating over the years.

It is hard to part with those things that have memories attached to them, but this task is made easier in that I am donating to a cause that my mother, for example, held very dear.  Mom was a brittle diabetic.  I have been asking the Canadian Diabetic association to pick up items which they will, in turn, sell to raise funds to further research.

When I am not sorting and disposing of, I am crocheting baby jackets for the two babies that will soon join our family.

The weather outside is nasty today...rain with snow soon to I am going to leave you with a picture of warmer and happier days spent with family, and friends that are family, taken last summer.  We just LOVE this lady!

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  1. And the dog is sure happy! I love the way they smile. Nice picture... and we are also getting some pretty awful weather our way, too. Snow, cold, wind... first time this year. Glad you are over that nasty cold. It's never fun, and to have everybody get it... even less fun. You are most contagious before you even know you're sick! :-)