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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is this the last straw?

Have you ever stopped yourself mid-stream...and asked what the hell you are doing?  I did this morning.  I looked out my bathroom window to see the septic tank overflowing.  This will be nine times that we have had to have it pumped in less than two years.  I am sad.

I thought that we could do it.  I thought up until last week when I came down with a vicious cold, that I could do this.  (perhaps it is the constant coughing that has also worn me down.)

Did we make a mistake?  Are we too old for this?  Did we jump too fast?  Am I just too sick to deal with this right now?

Last winter we had no problem with the tank.  It seemed to happen in the spring, summer and fall...and usually before company was to arrive.  There are two of us living in this house.  We use very little water.

There is no point asking whether we could "go back" on the previous owners.  That is not our way.  Perhaps the weeping bed was damaged during their move.  They, supposedly, had little trouble when they were here.  That would not solve the problem, anyway.  It is winter and the tank needs to be pumped.

I am sure the situation will be a lot brighter in a few days, when I finally shake this cold...but in the meantime...please have patience while I indulge in a little self-pity.


  1. My brother's been in his house for a good ten years, just him, and had no problems with his septic tank 'til last year. Turns out someone before him had put the tank in himself, no inspection, no permit and it was done wrong. You should have seen the tree roots in the bed. Anyway, a little time and money later, and it's all fixed.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Wendy, sorry to hear you're not feeling well and dealing with septic tank issues again. Hope it all gets sorted out. Thinking of you and wishing all's well soon.

  3. Just so you know you're not alone: we bought a house, had the septic pumped within 6 months just to make sure we were 'all set.'HA! It failed COMPLETELY four months later. Plumbing companies wanted $2500-$3500 to add field line. We ended up doing it ourselves for not quite $1000. That was over two years ago and so far it's holding it's own.

    You sincerely have my sympathy. It's a lousy thing to deal with, especially repeatedly. I hope you feel better (in all ways) soon.

  4. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I know that it is fixable, and I choose to accept the fact that these things can happen. It is feasible that the previous owners had little difficulty. It's just that it is winter, and getting to the tank won't be a piece of cake.

    Oh well...worst things have happened to others. This is just a little blip on the path we have chosen.

  5. It's always tough when you're sick and not wanting to face this kind of thing. I do hope it will get worked out. You deserve it! Thinking of you... :-)

  6. You know what, you've just proven what a great spirit and outlook you have. On a self-proclaimed complaint post you can't completely complain, you still choose to look on the better could be a coincidence, it is fixable, etc.

    Woman, I think we may need to give you lessons in complaining! ;)


  7. Tina... I love you! You have made me smile!