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Friday, October 28, 2011

Thank you, Ms Adventuress!

A friend recommended a book...several actually.  I had mentioned my concerns about my husband's diet which was based on a high protein/ high fat intake.  He had been on and of this diet for months, and at one point in time, I decided to support him by trying it too.  As before, it makes me deathly ill.  In spite of including salads, I was tremendously constipated and my breath was foul!

The book that MsA recommended was "The China Study."  I actually had this book on a shelf.  I had picked it up when my dad and I attended a vegetarian cooking seminar which was offered by the Seventh Day Adventists in our area.  I did open it but it seemed that it might become a dull read, as it was based on facts....

I have difficulty getting into a book unless it "grabs" me at the start.  Part of this is due to the time I choose to read...which is usually before bed.  This time, I opened the book, and it grabbed me!  The author, T Campbell, presents years of study on diet and nutrition, and the relationship between protein and cancer, in an informative, knowledgeable manner.  The reader is not boggled down by the facts.  His research and  documentation is certainly eye-opening.

I am only 1/3 of the way through this book, and cannot wait to pick it up again.

So, thank you, MsA for recommending this book.  I will recommend it it to my friends and loved ones, too.

Big hugs!


  1. This sounds like a GREAT book. I do hope you will share your insights here...

  2. DJan... He talks a lot about cholesterol. You should have a look see . Although... He advocates little animal fat. I don't think that even the South Beach would cut it.

  3. ((Wendy)) Lots of love right back to you!

    Don't worry about what you think you can/should do. Just keep reading The China Study and the motivation will automatically come to you. =) Plus, Dr. Campbell also provides the names of some wonderful physicians who provde free support and recipes on the web, which help you in going the way you wish to go.

    Of course, holler for any additional help. I'm here for you!

    Ms. A