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Monday, October 24, 2011

It Must be The Day

I was born in the 50's, but I believe I was present long before that.  Somewhere, somehow I have cell memories of a time before.   These feelings come to realization when I listen to music that was birthed during the war years....and I like to think...when they touch my innermost being....that I travelled with my father, and my mother, and grandparents as they journeyed through those troublesome times.

This morning I entertained my pup with music from "Stardust" as sung by Rod Stewart.   Tinker is deathly afraid of the rain, and storms, and music calms her when nothing else will.  This morning Rod sang "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square."  This is a song that was made famous by Vera Lynn, and  when I play it, I am transported back to visions of departures....but there is more.  This girl who, unfortunately, did not inherit her mom's abilities on dance floor, can suddenly "feel" the music as Mom must have.

It must be the day...or the approaching day of Remembrance.

If you have never heard of Vera Lynn, check out the link below.  She was...and is...quite the lady

Thank you, Vera, for all you did to support the Troops...and thanks for the memories.

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  1. Wonderful prebirth memories. I believe in them, too... :-)