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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Gender Reveal Party

When my daughter went for her last Ultrasound, she asked the technician NOT to tell her the sex of the baby, but to write it down and seal it in an envelope.  That sealed envelope traveled to their local bakery, was opened without revealing the contents to the parents, and a cake was made which was frosted with the colour appropriate icing.  On Sunday, we all arrived at Jamie and Mandi's home to celebrate the outcome of the gender reveal.  Most couples were divided in their guess... but the girl guesses outnumbered the boy guesses.  

The cake was cut.....  We will have another little girl joining the family shortly after her cousin's birth in the new year!  Owen and daddy did not agree on boy or girl, but Owen clapped his hands when it was announced that a little girl would join his family.

Congratulations Mandi and Jamie!  What a wonderful way to celebrate this second birth! 


  1. What a fun party! And glad to hear a new granddaughter will be joining the family.

  2. SO lovely--and congratulations to ALL!

    Also, my computer was in the shop for a long while, so I'm just getting to your comment on my site and wanted to post my response here, as well, for you:

    Absolutely. So glad to see your comment and so sorry it took me so long to approve it (computer was in the shop for a long while!). Check out the books, The China Study, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease and The Engine 2 Diet, as well as the sites and for healthier nutrition education and options. Wherever you find discrepancies, be sure to research further. Trust the best science you can find and your gut on this. You'll do what's best for you (two!). ♥

    Lots of Love,
    Ms. A

  3. Aw, congrats! That's a cute idea, too, so that everyone can find out at the same time.

  4. It was a really fun time! Most second babies do not have showers so this gave many an opportunity to welcome our little ones...and pics to prove how much we are looking forward to her arrival!